Mobile welding unit ARGO

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

A mobile welding unit АРГО - is a specialized vehicle on KAMAZ wheel base for the solution of a wide range of tasks for repairs and maintenance of technically complex objects such as a linear part of the main and local distribution pipelines, compressor stations etc.

Mobile unit (car workshop) is provided and supplied by the different systems for repair and rehabilitation operations of pipelines.

The unit is equipped with a 100kW diesel generator, an equipment set for repair, welding, cutting and defect sample (gouging) of metal.

Transverse arrangement of the diesel generator allows optimal use of the cargo body for the location of a large amount of equipment. Folding flaps-ladders provide work comfort and prompt access to the equipment.


Transport base

  • The chassis of the KAMAZ 43118 car.
  • Wheel formula 6x6.
  • The rated power of the engine is 260-280 hp.
  • Coupling device.
  • Driver's cab with a sleeping place.


Isothermal, container type of five-layer panels. Insulation - extruded polystyrene foam.
Operating temperature range from -40 to +40°C.
It is divided by a partition into a working compartment and a technical compartment.

Working compartment

Equipped with racks for placing various equipment.

Technical compartment

It is equipped with racks along the sides, on the left and on the right with sliding beds, pallets, boxes on metal wheels and containers for placing and securing auxiliary equipment and gas cylinders. Auxiliary equipment may include a welding tent, angle grinders, drills, centralizers, tape for marking the cutting line, slings, etc.

The technical compartment also houses a 100 kW diesel power plant with a preheater located across the body. In the standard delivery version, the workshop is equipped with a Coelmo power plant.


A telescopic mast with a block of spotlights (4 pieces of 500 watts each) is fixed on the front wall of the body.
A coil with a network cable «KG3x2.5» 50 m for connection to an external source is located in a box under the body - 1 pc.

List of equipment available for delivery

Power supply DC250.33 Inverter, Current 250А, CDF=100%, digital indication, remote control console, Power consumption 12kVA Shielded-metal arc welding
Magnetic flux equalization for magnetized pipes welding
Power supply DC400.33М with the feed mechanism PM-4.33 Invertor, Current 500А, CDF=100%, digital indication, remote control console, four-rollers feed mechanism, Power consumption 20kVA Shielded-metal arc welding
Machine welding by the solid and flux cored, gas defense and self-shielding wires
Power supply DC120P.33 Inverter, Current 120А, CDF=100%, thickness of the cut is up to 50 mm, 44 kg, 25 kW Manual air-plasma cutting
Manual air-plasma gouging
Pipe cutter UPR-2.4 Automatic pipe cutting device ∅ - from 325 to 1420 mm. Movement is along the guide belt. Operates with the power supply DC120P.33, thickness of the cut is up to 50 mm. Automatic air-plasma cutting, cutting «under the chamfer»
Pipe cutter UPR-2.3 Automatic pipe cutting device ∅ - from 219 to 1620 mm. Movement is along the guide chain. Operates with the power supply DC120P.33, thickness of cut is up to 50 mm. Automatic air-plasma cutting, cutting «under the chamfer»
Unit UPR-2.4С Striz Unit for automatic sample of weld defects and surface defects of pipes, ∅ - from 325 to 1420 mm. Operates with the power supply DC120P.33. Automatic air-plasma gouging
Gouging of weld defects
Gouging of stress-corrosive defects
Power supply DC315AU.33 «ARGO» with the feed mechanism PM «ARGO» Inverter, 315А, CDF=100%, automatic filler wire feed, pulse mode. Power consumption 13kVA Mechanized argon-arc welding - the non-slagging welding of the pipes root pass
Shielded-metal arc welding
Additional facilities Sliding containers for electrodes, a welding oven, induction heating sets, drums with welding cable in the pockets openable from outside, a compressor and a drier for the air-plasma cutting
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