Mobile pipe welding complex MKST

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

The mobile site pipeline welding complex is designed for high-performance automatic welding of non-rotating pipe joints with a diameter of up to 1420 mm.

The complex implements the process of automatic welding with external heads on a self-propelled centralizer with a copper lining ring into a narrowed cutting of edges with a solid electrode wire in CO2 and an Ar/CO2 mixture (80/20).


The complex provides automatic welding of non-rotating joints of pipelines based on the following technological approaches:

  • the accuracy of the joint assembly due to the overflow of the edges and assembly on a self-propelled hydraulic centralizer with a «zero» gap;
  • comfort and welding quality thanks to the programming of welding modes by joint sectors;
  • the use of a continuous section wire ∅1.2 mm, CO2 and a standard Ar/CO2 welding mixture (80/20) for welding all seam layers;
  • increased productivity by:
    • reducing the volume of cutting the joint;
    • using welding wire ∅1.2 mm;
    • high-speed welding of the root layer of the seam on the copper lining ring;
    • combining the operations of heating the joint and welding the root passage in one tent;
    • moving the centralizer to the next joint immediately after welding the root passage.

The ICST complex includes:

  • machine for machining pipe edges inner centralizer with copper lining ring installation of induction heating of the joint PPCH50-10;
  • the unit is a self-propelled welding MKST-34, based on a MOROOKA tractor, with a manipulator, a kung, a diesel power plant. The number of units in the complex is determined by the required welding rate, depending on the thickness of the pipe wall;
  • welding equipment - UAST-1 «Alpha» automatic welding heads with DC400.33M sources (2 pcs), DC400.33M source for manual arc welding (1 pc), DC400.33M backup source (1 pc.);
  • protective tents;
  • mobile workshop for setting up, repairing equipment and storing spare parts.
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