DC 500.33М with PM 4.33М - inverter type welding machine with current up to 500A semi-automatic welding - MIG/MAG / coated electrode welding - MMA

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380, ±10%
Power consumption, kVA, not more than 24
MIG/MAG voltage (smooth controlled with 0.1 discreteness), V 16,5-39
Welding amperage MIG/MAG, А 50 - 500
Welding amperage MМА (1A control discreteness), А 50 - 400
Typical operation of a duty cycle, % (at +40°С) 100
Operating temperature range, °С -40...+40
Weight, kg 50
Overall dimensions, mm 610х270х535

DC500.33M is the modern industrial inverter device with the maximum amperage of 250A. It is used for:

  • MECHANIZED welding with PM-4 welding mechanisms in MIG/MAG mode.
  • MANUAL ARC welding with covered electrode (MMA mode).

PM-4.33M Feeding mechanism is intended to feed solid steel wire, aluminum wire and flux-cored wire by diameter from 0.6 to 2.4 mm.

The cooling unit provides the liquid cooling of welding blowpipe.

Welding process is controlled with control board of feeding mechanism. There are «quick memory» buttons which allow choosing the one out of five saved welding presets. The kit is equipped with the cooling unit controller. If the welding blowpipe is not cooled, the operation stops.

MIG/MAG mode

DC500.33M device provides accurate control of welding modes (regardless of the power cable length and power line voltage drops), high quality of welding joints by all welding wires, minimal splashing, smooth arc initiation and quenching and its constant operation in welding process.

  • Welding with solid and flux-cored gas-shielding wire.
  • Remote control of welding voltage (MIG/MAG) and welding current (MMA).
  • «Hot start» time varies from 0 to 2 seconds. It is used for arc initiation improvement and high quality weld starting.
  • Welding current and voltage digital display.

MMA mode

DC500.33M provides the covered-electrode welding.

  • Operating in safe mode the device has idle run voltage limit - 12V.
  • «Hot-start» system provides fast arc initiation.
  • «Anti-stick» function protects the electrode from sticking.
  • Arc forcing control function. Decrease of forcing level reduces metal splashing when increasing of forcing level reduces chances of electrode sticking increasing a joint penetration and arc pressure.
  • Changing of volt-ampere characteristic slope from 0.4V/A to 1.4V/A. Different forward transfer admittance is chosen in accordance with electrode cover type, it allows to achieve high-quality welding joint by using electrodes with main as well as cellulose type of coverage.

The power supply is designed to block automatically if overheated or departed from normal voltage. Power supply parameters don’t depend on voltage fluctuation.

PM-4.33M Feeding mechanism is intended to feed solid steel wire, aluminum wire and flux-cored wire by length from 0.6 to 2.4 mm.

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