DC 500.33 «Skala» with PM 4.4 «Skala» - welding equipment complex for current up to 500A semi-automatic welding - MIG/MAG / coated electrode welding - MMA / arc gouging

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380, ±10%
Power consumption, kVA, not more than 24
MIG/MAG source voltage (continuously variable, discrecity 0,1), V 16,5-34
Welding current in MIG/MAG mode, A 40 - 500
Welding current MMA (adjustment discreteness of 1 A), A 40 - 400
Typical operation of a duty cycle, % (at +40°С) 100
Operating temperature range, °С -40...+40
Weight, kg 50
Overall dimensions, mm 730х320х550

The welding complex «SKALA» was created according to the technical requirements of shipbuilding industry enterprises and is a set of equipment for performing a wide range of welding operations.
This is a powerful industrial complex with 100% PV at a current of 500A.

The complex is designed for:

  • Mechanized welding - MIG/MAG;
  • Manual arc welding - MMA;
  • Arc gouging.

The structure of the complex «Skala» includes:

  • DC500 «SKALA» welding machine;
  • Feeding mechanism PM 4.4 «Skala«.

The equipment supports all advanced welding processes and functions:

  • synergetic selection of welding parameters;
  • pulse mode and double pulse mode;
  • digital characterization and arc control;
  • dynamic maintenance of arc length;
  • controlled ignition and arc extinguishing;
  • minimizing splashing;
  • digital data storage and transmission protocols.

The DC500 «SKALA» source is a 500-amp welding machine in an industrial steel case built on a digital platform.

The semi-automatic PM4.4 «SKALA» is designed to work in harsh industrial conditions. Provides the supply of solid section wire and powder wire with a diameter of 0.6 to 2.4 mm at a distance of up to 80 m from the welding source.

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