DС 400.33M with PM 4.33 Trassa - inverter type welding machine with current up to 500A semi-automatic welding - MIG/MAG

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380, ±10%
Power consumption, kVA, not more than 24
MIG/MAG source voltage (continuously variable, discrecity 0,1), V 16,5-34
MIG/MAG welding current , A 50 - 400
MМА welding current (adjustment discrecity 1A), A 50 - 400
Typical operation of a duty cycle, % (at +40°С) 100
Operating temperature range, °С -40...+40
Weight, kg 50
Overall dimensions, mm 610х270х535

DC 400.33M is a modern industrial inverter welding device for amperage up to 400A, designed for:

  • MACHINE WELDING with PM-4.33 feeder in MIG/MAG mode.
  • MANUAL METAL ARC welding in MMA mode.

The device is known for technical reliability and quality, incorporating the latest in specialty welding technology and electronics.

Functional capabilities

  • Welding voltage (MIG/MAG) and current (MMA) remote control.
  • Current and voltage digital display.
  • Supply mains and diesel-engine generator power.
  • Mode adjustment:
    • shielded metal arc welding with solid-section wire and fluxed-core arc welding;
    • welding with «Innershield» fluxed core.
  • Hot start time adjustment: from 0 to 2 seconds. Necessary for arc striking improvement and qualitative weld starting.
  • Memory for 20 program for welding parameters storage and recall.

MIG/MAG mode

DC 400.33M device enables to reach exact welding mode maintenance (regardless of power supply cables length and voltage variations), high quality welds with all types of filler wire, minimal sputtering, smooth striking and starvation of arc, combined with stable arc burning in the course of welding.

MMA mode

DC 400.33M enables covered-electrode welding.

  • The device has blank run voltage limitation up to 12V in this mode - «safety option».
  • «Hot start» enables easy arc excitation.
  • «Antistick» protects electrode from sticking.
  • Arc forcing adjustment. Forcing decrease reduces metal sputtering, while forcing increase reduces electrode freezing, increasing penetration and arc force.

Current-voltage characteristic alteration from 0.4 V/A to 1.4 V/A and different current-voltage characteristic slope depending on electrode coating allow to get quality welds while using electrodes with basic or cellulose coating.

Automatic cutoff circuits prevent overheating caused by phase over/under voltage conditions of more than 10%. Unit characteristics are protected from supply voltage fluctation.

PM-4.33 feeding mechanism is designed for feeding solid steel, aluminum and flux-cored wire from 0.6 to 2.4 mm in combination with DC 400.33M device.

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