DС 315AU.33 - inverter type welding machine with current up to 315A welding with a coated electrode - MMA / argon arc welding - TIG (AC/DC)

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380, +10% -15%
Requisite power, kVA, not more than 15
Welding current (discreteness of control 1А), А in АDS mode 15 - 315
Welding current (discreteness of control 1А), А in RDS mode 25 - 250
Alternating welding current frequency in АДС mode, hz (discrecity 1hz) 20 - 200
Pulse-duration ratio of normal and reverse polarity in АDS mode, % 30 - 70
Mean of arc actuation in RDS mode Contact and non-contact
Mode of operation Continuous and impulse
Rated duty load duration, % (+20°С) 100
Operating-temperature range, °С in АDS mode -10...+40
Operating-temperature range, °С in RDS mode -40...+40
Weight, kg 50
Overall dimensions, mm 564х220х431

DC315AU.33 - up-to-date industrial inverter apparatus at current up to 315А is used in:

  • NONCONSUMABLE ELECTRODE WELDING in shielding gas (TIG) of steel and nonferrous ma-terials including aluminum and its alloy materials at a direct and alternating current up to 315А.
  • MANUAL METAL ARC WELDING in mode MMA at current up to 250А.

It provides safe performance and high grade weld. Due to its versatility and technological parameters the apparatus is irreplaceable in manufacturing, assembling and mending. DS315АU.33 is produced in a highly professional way with the use of recent developments in the sphere of welding technologies. The apparatus is simple in operation and allows to specify all welding characteristics in digital form.

The apparatus can be operated both in feed from fixed network and from independent supply source.

Functionality (TIG)

  • DC315АU.33 has a mode of a striking and contactless striking of an arc at a low current.
  • Continuous and pulse mode working.
  • Push-pull mode and four-cycle mode.
  • Welding mode memory.
  • Time control of current buildup and current fall when the welding is over.
  • Adjustable ignition current.
  • Control of a welding current with a remote control station.
  • Adjustable gas blow time before welding and adjustable blow-off after welding for the maximum pro-tection of a welding bath.
  • Control of a current and voltage is produced by a digital display and control of a gas flow rate by a ro-tameter.

Functionality (MMA)

DC315AU.33 allows to conduct covered-electrode welding operation in continuous and pulse mode.

  • In that kind of mode the apparatus has limitation of open-circuit voltage up to 12V - «safe alternative».
  • System of «hot start» provides light actuation of a welding arc.
  • Device «antistic» protects electrode from the sticking.
  • There is a possibility of arc force control. Decrease of «forcing» lowers weld spatter and increase of «forcing» lowers the probability of electrode sticking increasing penetration and pressure of an arc.
  • The change of voltage-current characteristic slope from 0.4V/А to 1.4V/А allows to operate metal transfer depending on specific welding conditions and type of an electrode that especially important when cellulose electrode welding is produced.
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