TT 53 contact welding

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380
Welding current amplitude (adjustable), A 100 - 7500
Maximum performance, weld/sec 10
Thin-walled part maximum thickness, mm 0,8
Weld diameter, mm up to 160
Electrode wheel diameter, mm 35 - 60
Welding speed, mm/sec up to 10
Pitch of weld, mm 0,3 - 40
Electrode wheel clamping force, N 30 - 200
Cooling Liquid
Dimensions (W/H/D), mm 880х720х1200
Weight, kg 185

TT-53 Unit for contact welding of circular seams is designed for welding of membranes between one another, welding of membranes to body parts and also welding of other kinds of thin-walled parts to body parts.

The unit comes standard with equipment for welding of specific parts.
The unit can be used for welding of circular seams to various alloy workpieces. Thickness of one of the welding parts should be up to 0,8 mm according to material it is made of.

Workpiece is installed in special equipment (mandrel) which is located on center line of spindle. Electrode wheel and clamping roller are pressed down by special lever to workpiece by force which is set by pre-loaded springs. After start buttons is pressed welding cycle with given parameters of welding impulses, welding speed and pitch of weld begins. Complete revolution is performed with given overlapping.

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