Welding machine UPS-1250 - welding with a non-melting electrode of longitudinal seams of parts up to 1250 mm long automatic argon arc welding - TIG

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Power supply voltage, V380 ,+10% -15%
Maximum length of the weld, mm1250
Increment of the length assignment of the weld, mm1
Diameter of the welded parts, mm106 - 850
Thickness of the welded parts, mm0,5 - 4
Diameter of the welding wire, mm0,8; 1,0; 1,2
Welding wire feed speed, mm/s5 - 40
Welding speed, mm/s2 - 16
Vertical torch stroke from the AVC drive, mm80
Oscalation amplitude of the torch, mm0 - 10
Oscilation frequency of the torch, Hz0,5-5
Torch coolingLiquid cooling
Torch rotation angle, degrees±90
Key-operated clamp of the detailAir clamp
Operating regime of the source Continuous and pulsed
Welding current, А200
Duty cycle, %100

The set UPS-1250A is designed for the argon-arc welding (a welding with non-consumable electrode) of the longitudinal welds of the cylindric and other parts with a length of up to 1250 mm in workshop conditions. The set helps to raise labour productivity during the welding works, and to achieve a high quality of the welding joints.

Functional Capabilities

  • Simple and quick setup of the workpiece on the extended guide.
  • High efficiency and quality of the welding.
  • Filler wire feed mechanism.
  • Mechanism of the torch lateral vibrations.
  • Automatic maintaining system of the arc length.
  • System of the detail air clamps.
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