UAST-1 Alpha - installation for automatic welding of non-rotating joints of pipelines with a diameter of 219 mm automatic welding - MIG/MAG

Factory warranty 36 months


  1. Compactness. Its weight is 9 kg. It allows installing the guide belt on the pipe body rather than on the insulation.
  2. Universality. Same heads are used for welding «right» and «left» sides of the pipe. It is possible to use liquid and gas cooled torches.
  3. The ability to weld all weld layers including welding root in automatic mode.
  4. High quality, speed and stability of automatic welding. Reduces requirements of staff qualification. A worker is an operator rather than a welder. The high quality is achieved due to stability of the process, its continuity and the use of special wires.
  5. Complete automation of welding process due to automatic drive of the torch oscillations, drive of the torch’s vertical position and programming welding joint modes.
  6. High productiveness of surfacing. The productiveness of automatic surfacing is 2-3 times higher than productiveness of manual arc welding.
  7. Welding process parameters registration with the ability to print, save and transfer with USB devices.

UAST-1 «Alpha» is the device for automatic welding of fixed-butt joints of pipelines by diameter from 219 mm to unlimited maximum. It is also used for line welds in all spatial positions.

  • The device is intended for use in workshop and field conditions with operating temperature from -40°С to +40°С for welding pipes by diameter from 219 mm.
  • Welding process can be operated with:
    • solid wire (SV08G2S, L-56 and other) in CO2 or in gas mixtures.
    • flux-cored wire (Tubrod or other) in CO2 or in gas mixtures.
  • The device is used in different situations:
    • Welding of all passes with solid wire in CO2 or in mixture.
    • Welding of root pass with solid wire in CO2 or in mixture. Welding of other passes with flux-cored wire (Tubrod-like or other) in Ar/CO2 mixture.
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