TT598- welding complex for welding ring seams with a non-melting electrode automatic argon arc welding - TIG

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

ТТ-598 - The unit is designed for the machine tungsten inert gas argon-arc welding of the circular welds with a diameter of up to 300 mm in the vertical and horizontal position.
The lathe chuck fixed on the rotator is used for the workpieces fixing.
The unit is designed for operation in the places (volumes) with artificially adjustable climate conditions.

Atmosphere type - II as per GOST Standard 15150-69.
Climate design of the unit complies with UHL4 (УХЛ4) category as per GOST Standard 15150-69, for operation at the temperatures of from +1 to +40°С.
In terms of resistance to mechanical external factors during operation the unit belongs to the M20 group with a degree of rigidity 21a as per GOST Standard 17516.1−90.
The unit is resistant to the ambient temperature effect from +1 to +40°С and relative humidity of up to 90% at the temperature of +20°С.
International Protection Rating of the unit is no less than IP22 as per GOST Standard 14254-96.

Diameter of the welded workpieces, mm 10...300
Length of a welded workpiece, mm, max 10...600
Maximum weight of the weldments, kg 50
Welding speed, mm/s 0,3...16
Filler wire diameter, mm 0,8; 1,0; 1,2
Filler wire feed speed, mm/s 5...40
Torch relocation speed:
- in the vertical direction, mm/s 6
- in the horizontal direction, mm/s 6
Permissible deviations of the torch relocation speed, % ±10
Amount of the torch relocation:
- in vertical direction, mm ±40
- in horizontal direction, mm ±40
Permissible deviations of the torch relocation amount, % ±10
Regulation of the torch oscillations amount stepless
Torch oscillation speed (increment - 1 mm/s), mm/s 10...100
Torch cooling liquid
Maximum pressure of the cooling liquid, MPa 0,3
Supply voltage of the alternate current, V 380, ±10%
Current frequency of the supply main, Hz 50, +15Hz/-5Hz
Welding current regulating range (increment - 1A), A 5...315
Consumed power of the unit, kV⋅А, max 15
Unit mass, kg, max 286
Tools unit mass, kg, max 6
Operator console mass, kg, max 3
Unit overall dimensions, mm, max 1300x725x1800
Tool unit overall dimensions, mm, max 310x242x244
Operator console overall dimensions, mm, max 275x220x100
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