TT 542 argon arc welding of injectors - automatic welding of annular seams (nozzles) argon arc automatic welding - TIG

TT 542 argon arc welding of injectors
Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

The TT-542 is designed for use in rooms (volumes) with artificially controlled climatic conditions.

Type of atmosphere - II according to GOST 15150-69.
The climatic design of the installation corresponds to the category UHL4 according to GOST 15150-69, but for operation at temperatures from plus 1 to plus 40°C.

In terms of resistance to mechanical external influences during operation, the installation belongs to the M20 group with a degree of rigidity of 21a according to GOST 17516.1-90.
The installation is resistant to ambient temperatures from +1 to +40°C and relative humidity up to 90% at a temperature of plus 20°C.
The degree of protection of the installation is not lower than IP22 according to GOST 14254-96.

Type of welding current constant
Rated voltage of the supply network, V 380
Rated voltage of the supply network of additional equipment (compressor, forced equipment unit, lighting ), V 220
Frequency of the supply voltage, Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Total maximum power consumption of the installation, kVA, no more 12
Pressure of the pneumatic network, kPa from 392.4 to 588.6 (from 4 to 6 atm)
Mode of operation of the installation continuous, pulse, step-pulse
Limits of regulation of welding current, pulse current and pause current, A 10...200
Limits of regulation of pulse time and pause time, sec 0,1...10
Duration of activation (PV), % 60 duty cycle (10 min, 40°C)
Diameter of the welded products, mm 5...150
Welding speed, mm/s 0,5...15
Welding step, mm 0,5...2,5
Maximum allowable coolant pressure, MPa 0,4
Overlap, mm 0...10
Time of rise and fall of the current, with 0,1...10
Rotation delay, s 0...5
Limits of automatic arc voltage regulation, V 7...15
Maximum sector angle 360°
Installation weight, kg, no more 150
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