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Inverter type welding machine DS 250.33

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    The device DC 250.33 is the industrial inverter welding power supply with maximum amperage of 250A and 100% duty cycle. Equipped with the microprocessor based control it is used for covered electrode welding.
    It is intended for welding in shop and field conditions and it operates from stationary electricity supply as well as from isolated generators.
    The device is custom-designed for erection and repair operations where the consistent high quality of welding is essential.
    The source has confirmation of production in the territory of the Russian Federation
    3-Year Warranty!

    Более пяти тысячи аппаратов ДC250.33 работают на промышленных предприятиях, строительстве нефте- и газопроводов, на монтаже производственных объектах, в аварийных службах. Структуры Газпрома и Транснефти (Пермтрансгаз, Тюментрансгаз, Таттрансгаз, Мострансгаз, Уралтрансгаз, Волгонефтегазспецстрой, Кубаньгазпром и т.д.) делают ставку на оборудование НПП «ТЕХНОТРОН» благодаря его высоким технологическим свойствам, надежности, небольшому весу и габаритам.


  • Smooth control of welding current ranging from 25A to 250A with accuracy up to 1A which is controlled by the numeric display.
  • The device has the numeric display of welding parameters – Welding current, Arc force level, Inclination
  • The device is designed in safe condition; it has the low voltage of idle run – 12V (it can be used for welding in specific dangerous working conditions).
  • The device is equipped with “hot start” system that provides fast arc initiation (due to current impulse of short duration at the time of electrode contact).
  • The device is equipped with the “anti-stick” device that protects the electrode from sticking (It can automatically switch off the current).
  • The device has the ability of arc forcing that controls the welding current behavior when the arc space is reducing and closing. Decreasing of arc forcing reduces the metal splashing, when increasing of arc forcing reduces chances of electrode sticking, increasing joint penetration and arc pressure.

  • The device allows to control volt-ampere characteristic slope from 0.4V/A to 1.25V/A manipulating metal transfer in accordance with welding conditions and type of electrode what is essential in cellulose-covered electrode welding (fig.2).
  • The device is equipped with automatic turn-off system when overheated, low voltage and power supply phase absence.
  • The operating temperature range from - 40°С to + 40°С and maintaining the current regardless the voltage drops.
  • Remote controller for welding current control.

  • The device has high output voltage which allows welding using cables with total length up to 100m.
  • Specifically designed to operate from separate generator due to stationary input filter which improves the electromagnetic capability of power supply with electricity network. The device has stationary double protective filter against interferences and voltage drops.
  • The power supply can be supplied with Flux compensation unit (Version 01). In this case the digital display shows the value of pause current (A), time of current flow and time of pause current (sec).

    The presence of pulse mode simplifies welding in different spatial positions, welding of details with small thickness and reduces the staff qualification requirements for example in welding of vertical and overhead welds. The control of arc thermal power allows to control joint penetration and crystallization speed of weld metal in the process of pipes and metal structures welding. During the current pulse the arc power increases and the amount of molten electrode and main metal increases correspondingly. Reducing the arc power during a pause provide accelerated crystallization of liquid metal of welding pool with reducing the amount of main and electrode metals. Pulse mode provides necessary torch penetration ability without the risks of burns and allows to achieve higher amount of weld metal per unit time. This simplifies the technology of single-pass welding and creating of root passes during the multi-pass pipe welding and metal constructions without straps even with greater assembly tolerances than during normal welding. It increases the effectiveness of welding and improves the joint creation. Joints are obtained with smooth outlines and small scaliness corresponding to the selected arc pulsation mode.

  • For the welding of magnetized pipes the power supply can be supplied with Flux compensation unit (Version 02). In this case it can operate as a part of a set for magnetic flux compensation. The set provides reduction of magnetic field strength in the joint up to 20 Gs.

    The outfit comprises:
    1. DC 50.33 welding power supply with a magnetic flux compensation panel.
    2. Remote controller.
    3. Set of belts with quick connectors and transport bags.
    4. Connecting cables.

    It is possible to equip the welding power supply DC 250.33 with wireless remote controllers.

Power supply, V380 ,+10% -15%
Maximum power consumption, kVA12
Welding amperage (smooth controlled), А25 - 250
Duty cycle at +40°С100
Pulse and pause time control limits, s0,1 - 2,0
Operating temperature range, °Сfrom - 40 to + 40
Weight, kg29
Overall dimensions, mm505х225х435

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Аппарат ДС250.33

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