Self-propelled welding unit MEST-34

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

The self-propelled welding unit MKST-34 is designed for electric arc welding of pipelines in the field.

The unit is assembled on the basis of a tracked chassis (Morooka) equipped with a powerful diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission and rubber-metal tracks.

Dimensions, mm: 6750x2720x3400.
Weight, kg: 14100.


The self-propelled welding unit MKST consists of:

Tractor chassis Morooka MWT-7000ARC

Rubber-metal tracks are durable, provide high dynamics when driving in any road conditions and over rough terrain, minimal impact on the ground and excellent adhesion to the surface.

The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to use the full power of the engine as economically as possible. Morooka dump trucks are driven using simple control levers.
These levers carry out both forward/backward movement and left/right turns.

The crane manipulator Fassi F85B.0.22

The crane manipulator is equipped with the FX200 safety system, which informs the operator about the overload of the installation. The control is carried out by levers located on both sides of the crane.

Isothermal container with a Coelmo 125kVA diesel generator and DS400.33M welding machines

The container contains:

  • Coelmo FDT45TM3-12-ne diesel generator station;
  • welding equipment:
    • serially equipped with DS400.33M - 4 pcs, maximum welding current 500A, power consumption - 25 kVA.
  • On the back wall of the container there is a place for fixing 8 gas cylinders.

At the request of the customer, the brand of the chassis, crane manipulator, generator and welding equipment can be changed.

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