DС 315.33M - inverter type welding machine with current up to 315A welding with a coated electrode - MMA

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Power consumption, kVA, no more 16
Welding current (continuously adjustable), A 25 - 315
Magnetic field induction in the welding zone, Gs (no more) 1 000
Operating temperature range, °C -40...+40
Weight, kg 50
Overall dimensions, mm 685х320х550

The DC315.33M device is an industrial inverter welding source with a current of up to 315A (100% PV) with microprocessor control, for welding magnetized pipelines with a coated electrode under the disturbing action of a magnetic field with an induction of no more than 100 MT (1000 Gs).

The source allows welding of the root passage of the pipeline with an alternating current of increased frequency to compensate for the effects of the magnetic field, as well as filling and lining passages in DC mode.

It is designed to work in workshop and field conditions when powered both from a stationary network and from autonomous generators.

Manual arc welding of pipes is often accompanied by the effect of «magnetic blast», the cause of which is residual magnetization. At the same time, the stability of the process deteriorates, metal splashing occurs, defects form in the weld, and often the welding process itself becomes impossible.

Since the magnetization of the pipes does not allow to obtain a good seam quality, they are demagnetized before welding or a mode of permanent demagnetization (compensation of the magnetic field of the pipe) during welding. These methods have many disadvantages, common of which are the time spent on demagnetization or installation of magnetic field compensation devices.

DC315.33M is a current source that allows direct welding of a magnetized pipe without the use of additional devices and devices.

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