Chastota-6 - precision contact spot welding of parts

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380
Welding current type Direct current
Welding current amplitude (adjustable), A 300 - 7500
Welding pulse duration (adjustable), m/s 1 - 20
Welding pulse edge duration (adjustable), m/s 1 - 5
Maximum performance, weld/sec 3
Modes 10
Electrode travel, mm 20
Welding part maximum thickness, mm 1,2
Electrode pressing force, N 10 - 250
Electrode extension, mm 150
Maximum opening, mm 50
Dimensions (W/H/D), mm 1000х600х1484
Weight, kg 100

Chastota-6 is used for precision contact dot welding of various section parts with a thickness from a few microns to 1.2 mm made of non-ferrous metals and steels.

  • In comparison with traditional machines, welding head moving parts of lesser weight allow to notice welding area upset during melting process. It is especially important when using “hard” modes with high-ampere current, current impulse of short duration and high electrode pressing force. Such modes are used for welding of copper and aluminum alloys which have high heat conductivity, and also for welding of high-alloy steel to maintaint its corrosion resistance.
  • Rigidity of welding head of the unit has been enhanced for precision work of electrodes.
  • Provides wide-range welding of dissimilar materials including difficult to weld ones.
  • Maintains high quality and stability of welding in case of voltage spikes.
  • Is used in mass and piece production of electronic, electric vacuum, instrumentation manufacturing, electrotechnical and jewelry industries.
  • Comes standard with Impulse-3 source.
  • Only thickness of a «thin-walled» part is important (up to 1,2 mm). A «thick-walled» part can have any thickness.

Before work all the corresponding parameters of the welding mode are set on Impulse-3. Then necessity electrode pressing force is set on welding head. Workpiece is mounted on bottom electrode and the pedal is pressed. Herewith, top electrode while moving down and presses welding parts. Then the set electrode pressure is achieved start signal goes from welding head to source. Source generates welding current pulse of set amplitude and duration, which go to electrodes of welding head.

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