ADS-1 - welding of steel sheets, butt and corner seams in the lower position automatic welding - MIG/MAG

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V ~ 36V
Requisite power, kVA, not more than 0,2
Wire feed speed , m/min 1 - 16
Traverse speed of the automation, m/min 0 - 0,9
Amplitude of the torch’s transverse oscillation, mm 0 - 12
Oscillation frequency 0 - 0,2
Quantity of feed’s rollers 4
Wire diameter solid cross-section, mm 1,0 - 1,6
Wire diameter flux cored wire, mm 1,6 - 2,0
Rated welding current at a load duration - 60%, А 400
Rated welding current at a load duration - 100%, А 315
Operating temperature range, °С -35...+40
Mass (nonregistering the mass of a coil with wire), kg 25
Overall dimensions, mm 285х660х540
Distantce to the welding apparatus, m 30

ADS-1 Versatile equipment for the automatic welding (MIG/MAG).
Versatile arc welding equipment ADS-1 is used for the automatic welding of steel sheets, notably for the flat butt welds and fillet welds in the down position with fluxed cored wires and solid cross-section wires in shielded gas, active gas and their impurities.
Automation is used together with an inverter power supply that is special for the automatic and semiautomatic welding DC 400.33М, DC 400.33.


  • Compact and short design.
  • 3 independent electric drives:
    • motion of the plant;
    • fluctuation of welding torch;
    • feed of welding wire.
  • Automatic tracking of welding line and the surface of a workpiece.
  • Fast and accurate changeover of a welding torch into angular and perpendicular position with the help of a lever.
  • High-power 4-roller feed mechanism of wire produced by the firm COOPTIM Ltd., - is used for work in heavy-load industrial conditions. It provides the feed of solid cross-section wire and flux cored wire the diameter of which is from 0.6 to 2.4 mm.
  • The task of all welding parameters is shown directly on a control panel of the arc welding automation.
  • Slide control of automaton’s traverse speed, wire feed speed and welding arc voltage.
  • Standard coil. The diameter is 200 mm.
  • Welding is possible up to a 30-meter distance from the welder.
  • Built-in cutoff plate of a shielding gas.
  • «Gas test» and «wire test».
  • Restrengthening of cables and torch with cable thread to the automation's body is provided.
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