Complex OKA - the complex of argon arc welding with a non-melting electrode of non-rotating joints of pipes with a diameter of 18-220 mm Automatic welding - TIG

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

ОКА welding heads are meant for argon-arc welding of fixed pipe joints from 18 mm to 220 mm in diameter with non-consumable electrode. OKA heads allow to increase production productivity, achieve welds of high quality in all attitude positions, even at rather low personnel qualification.


Functional capabilities

  • Easy and fast installation on the pipe.
  • High productivity and quality of welding.
  • Filler wire feed mechanism.
  • Welding torch transverse oscillation mechanism.
  • Arc length automatic control system.
Name of welding headPipes diameter range, mmRotary driveFiller wire feed driveWelding torch transverse vibration driveArc length automatic control driveА dimensions, mmB dimensions, mm
ОКА 18-4518-45++--152218
ОКА 40-8040-80++--200270
ОКА 70-14070-140++++321431
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