DС 315AU.33 ARGO - inverter type welding machine for current up to 250-315A argon arc welding - TIG

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Power supply voltage, V 380, +10% -15%
Power consumption, kVA, no more 12
Welding current (discretization of adjustment 1A), A in the MIG mode 15 - 315
Welding current (discretization of adjustment 1A), A in the TIG mode 50 - 500
Welding amperage MМА (1A control discreteness), А 25 - 250
Way of arc starting in the MIG mode Contact and non-contact
Operation mode Continuous and pulse
Nominal operation mode of load duration, % 100
Weight, kg 50
Overall dimensions, mm 564х220х431

DS315AU.33 «ARGO» complex is intended for:

  • Mechanized welding with a non-consumable electrode in the argon atmosphere with a filler metal wire feed under direct current to 315A (TIG).
  • Manual welding with a non-consumable electrode in the argon atmosphere under direct current to 315A (TIG/WIG).
  • Manual arc welding with a coated electrode in the MMA mode under the current to 250A (MMA).

Functional capabilities(TIG)

  • Stationary network and free-running generator line supply.
  • Contact and non-contact arc striking mode under a trickle current.
  • Continuous and pulse operation mode.
  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke operation modes.
  • Storage of welding modes.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • The mode of modulation (focusing) of an arch allows to focus an arch as much as possible that gives the chance more precisely to operate the direction of movement and the size of a welding spot. This mode also stabilizes an arch cone and reduces wandering, allowing to simplify welding of angle joints.
  • Adjustable time of current build-up and decrease at the end of welding. Smooth current build-up is necessary for decrease in an electrode consumption and protection of a place of the weld starting, and smooth decrease prevents formation of a crater.
  • Current and voltage control is made with the digital indicator, and control of a consumption of gas is made with the rotameter.
  • Adjustment of a striking current allows to establish its size when there is a reliable striking of a welding arch and, at the same time, there is no burning of the welded product in a place of the weld starting.
  • Gas blow before welding and a weld pool blow-off after welding for the maximum protection of a weld pool.

Functional capabilities (MMA)

DS315AU.33 «ARGO» machine offers the possibility of covered-electrode welding in the continuous and pulse mode.

  • In this mode the device has the restriction of the open-circuit voltage to 12V - «safe option».
  • The system of «hot start» provides easy arc starting.
  • The «antistik» device protects an electrode from sticking.
  • There is a possibility of adjustment of «an arc force». Reduction of «force» lowers scattering, and increase in «force» reduces probability of sticking of an electrode, increasing weld penetration and force of an arch.
  • Change of a decline of volt-ampere characteristics from 0.4V/A to 1.4V/A makes it possible to smoothly control a metal transfer depending on specific welding conditions and type of an electrode that is especially important when welding with cellulose electrodes.
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