Pipe cutters UPR-2.3 and UPR-2.4

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Automatic pipe cutting is performed using a DC120P.33 source connected to a pipe cutter - a device that automatically moves the cutter around the pipe along the guide.

Pipe cutter UPR-2.3 - as a guide, a double chain is used. The diameter of the cut pipes is from 219 to 1620 mm with a wall thickness of up to 40 mm.

Pipe cutter UPR-2.4 - rigid belts are used as a guide. The diameter of the cut pipes is from 325 to 1420 mm.


Pipe cutter UPR-2.3

The diameter of the cut pipes is from 219 to 1620 mm with a wall thickness of up to 40 mm.
In the pipe cutter UPR-2.3, a double chain is used as a guide. A set of chains is supplied with the pipe cutter, selected in such a way that when docked with each other in various combinations, the chains cover the entire diameter range from 219 mm to 1620 mm.
The convenience of using such a design lies in the fact that the entire range of pipes is covered by a set of chains. This set takes up minimal space, unlike rigid bandages, and can be easily transported to the place of work.
This option is preferable when work is carried out with a wide range of pipe diameters.

Pipe cutter UPR-2.4

It uses rigid belts as a guide.
It is possible to cut pipes from 325 mm to 1420 mm.
Each pipe diameter has its own belt. The belt is rigidly fixed on the pipe and provides a clear positioning and movement of the device through the pipe. The design allows cutting at any spatial position of the pipe.
Pipe cutter UPR-2.4 is usually used for a large number of pipes of the same diameter.

Cutting sheets

Pipe cutters UPR-2.3 And UPR-2.4 can be used for cutting sheets. To do this, they are equipped with additional devices - platforms-clamps.
The cutting process is fully automatic and controlled from the operator's console.

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