DC120P.33 - industrial inverter machine for cutting metal up to 50 mm thick at a current of up to 120A Air plasma metal cutting

Factory warranty 36 months

Basic data

Supply voltage, V 380, +10% -15%
Open-circuit voltage, V, max 300
Operating voltage, V 150
Power consumption, кVА, max 25
Cutting current (continuously variable), А 30 - 110
Air pressure, atm 3 - 6
Maximum air flow, l/min, max 350
Cutting thickness, max
- steel, including high-alloy steel, mm 35
- aluminum, mm 35
- copper and its alloys, mm 20
Rated duty OP (at t=20°С), % 100
Category temperature range, °С -40...+40
Weight, kg 44
Overall dimensions, mm 270х535х670

DC120P.33 - industrial inverter unit is used for air plasma metal cutting of thickness up to 35 mm at current up to 110A (duty cycle 100%). It is meant for use in factory (shop) and field conditions at supply by both mains and isolated generators.

Functional capabilities

  • Cutting steel thickness (including high-alloyed steel) up to 35 mm, copper and its alloys - 20 mm. Contactless arc starting.
  • Integrated orifice gas feed governor with manometer.
  • Heated air valve for operation at negative temperatures.
  • Lengthened electrode life due to the slow cutting current rise and gradual increase in gas flow rates up to peak value after arc starting.
  • Cutter protection due to the unit interlock system in case of the orifice gas absence or low pressure.
  • Easy burning of probable surface contamination. Primary arc (between electrode and cut material) is ignited by pilot (indirect) arc.
  • Operation with hand-cutting torch, automatic cutting torch as part of pipe cutter ТР-2 or other automatic cutting units, including gantry ones.
  • Special hose packet is used for work at temperatures up to -40°С.

Power sources are equipped with an automatic cut-off function at orifice gas reduction, overheat, absence of one of the supply voltage phases or at supply voltage reduction more than by 15%. Sources specifications do not depend on mains voltage oscillation.

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