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Solid equipment
for solid work
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Product catalog

Covered-electrode welding - MMA

Argon arc welding - TIG (manual)

Argon arc welding – TIG (mechanical)

Semi-automatic welding - MIG/MAG

Contact welding

Argon arc automatic welding - aTIG

Mechanical automatic welding - aMIG

Air plasma cutting and carbon arc cutting

Auxiliary equipment

Mobile welding complexes

Shelter for welders

Equipment for removal of welding fumes (extractor hoods)

Automatic welding devices


Technology of cutting pipes at an angle, pipe cutter TR-2.4

About us

     Since 1990 the Technotron scientific industrial enterprise has been specializing in elaboration and production of industrial inverting welding equipment for enterprises belonging to the oil and gas sector, power industry, shipbuilding industry, nuclear industry, space engines building industry, mechanical engineering, metal working industry, transportation providers and construction companies.

     Besides the production of the standard goods nomenclature the Technotron scientific industrial enterprise also specializes in elaboration of special-purpose equipment adapted for the needs of consumers to the highest degree.

     The principle approach of the enterprise includes not only production of welding equipment but also offering a solution to the consumer concerning the “welding” task. This task includes the issues connected with technologies, personnel training, shipment of auxiliary equipment, spare parts and accessories.

     We develop our own policy devoted to the application of modern equipment and technologies together with a close contact with consumers and a responsible attitude to the activities that we perform.


     Technical characteristics and appearance of the equipment may differ from those indicated on the site, specify technical characteristics of the equipment at the time of purchase and payment. All information on the site about the equipment is of a reference nature and is not a public offer in accordance with clause 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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